Have a Heart

Velvet and linen heart
Velvet and linen heart

Using the heart as a symbol of love can be traced back to the middle ages when it was being widely used by the C16th. When Valentine’s Day originated in England in the 1600s the heart was adopted as its symbol. These days, as well as being the symbol of Valentine’s Day, the heart motif is popular on clothing and homewares.

Why don’t you make one for your home? It’s an easy shape to draw and sew. Go to the internet if you need a template but I like the simple charm of a freehand heart. Cut out a back and a front from a fabric or two. I used velvet and linen. Stitch the front and back together (right sides facing, 1cm seam) leaving an opening (for turning) in one of the straighter parts. Carefully turn through the opening (you may need to clip the seams on the curves) and gently push out with a pencil or chopstick to get a nice heart shape. Fill through the opening with some polyfill and stitch closed. Attach a ribbon (or string or lace or whatever you have to hand) to the top, making a loop, and tie the ribbon tails into a bow. Embellish with a vintage button, an orphaned earring or a pretty brooch. Or simply leave it plain.

Take some inspiration from these hearts that I spied on Pinterest.

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