It’s been sew long

This is a journal of my sewing life. A place to record projects completed, a memory jogger of fabrics and patterns used and who they were for.
And when someone asks “but what do you make?’, a question not easily answered with a few words, I can proffer my blog so they can see my work. A picture being worth a 1000 words!
But my blog has been sadly neglected, what with this and that, so I have grabbed the opportunity to bring new life to my blog with Blogging 101.

Pinwheel Quilt
Pinwheel Quilt

Quilt for Olivia

Another child’s quilt in simple squares with a scrappy binding. I am still having trouble with blogging. I am trying to blog from my ipad and iphone as my recent photos are on them. Seemed a good idea but when I look at the blog they appear quite different on the different devices. Not all the posts were appearing. But I am determined to make it all work!


A closer look


And the butterfly backing  –  a lovely Japanese fabric



I thought that if I quietly started up the blog again it would go unnoticed. That I could spend some time trying to sort out what I was doing with this blog. That I could remember and relearn how to do this. Get my head around widgets again. And I didn’t realise that there would have been so many changes to WordPress while I have been absent! Then I could concentrate on producing interesting content. I could start with logging all the projects I have made since I last blogged and then develop some new ones. And when I was happy with the way it was going I could tell some friends about it, connect it to FB, and go on from there.

But I was surprised to find I had a reader already. Thank you for your comments Penny. And today I will show you another one.  I made this for a rather elaborate 70th birthday card for my sister. Image

Woohoo i think I’ve got it

Spent a lot of time on this blog set up last night. Think it is getting there although there are things I will change as time goes on. I have seen really lovely stuff on the other blogs (although I haven’t commented on them as yet).  Looking forward to more posts to read because there are such interesting beginnings. More please. And I will post something that is actually about stitching. Promise. Before Sat