Soft Furnishings

My blogging hiatus was largely due to getting my house ready to sell and then selling, finding a new place, and moving. I am still working on my new place but there is no time pressure on that. When one of my friends commented that she didn’t think my place would ever be ‘finished’ I was amused. I like my place to reflect the life I am living and although I am trying to get rid of excess stuff, new (to me), items will appear. New cushions, quilts and some recovering of chairs will change the look. Made from fabrics and notions I have found on my travels. Travels to nearby suburbs and to the other side of the world. I am always on the lookout for a fabric shop, an interesting homewares shop, an art gallery. And the lead up to selling my house was a time for new cushions, quilts and recovering…Image



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I am Judi and I have been cutting and stitching fabric since I could thread a needle. First I dressed my dolls, then I sewed my own clothes

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