Home again

The painters have finished the inside of my house and I have moved back, although the smell lingers. I am looking forward to the long weekend which should give me some time to get my house in order. There will no doubt be some textile projects coming up – curtains, cushions and maybe a bit of recovering (of furniture).

But I did finish the quilt project and as it has gone to it’s gorgeous new owner I can post the finished photos.


And some detail

quilt detail

Some embroidered text

more detail


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I am Judi and I have been cutting and stitching fabric since I could thread a needle. First I dressed my dolls, then I sewed my own clothes

4 thoughts on “Home again”

  1. It is fabulous to have it all painted And I had a new built in wardrobe installed on Mon with SATC shoe shelves (well a smaller version, but still feels good and princessy) and lots of shelves to neatly store all my craft gear.


  2. What a beautiful quilt and how modest you are about your creations. Athena really appreciates that. There is a cautionary tale on her blog about the dire results of pride and envy between skilled artisans in weaving and spinning.
    I have no qualms in declaring you the winner in any contest between us that involves your craft. Athena was of course the goddess of weaving and spinning and the arts but I seem to have inherited more of her warrrior nature, well that’s how it feels at the moment anyway.


    1. Sorry Athena – your comment has been sitting here unapproved due to my incompetence and def not for any other reason. Thankyou for your comment and I did enjoy your tale. I am finding it quite amazing that so many people have a needlework project that they are working on, and often people I would never have supected of doing needlework. I didn’t admit to it for a while as it didn’t seem to fit my image of myself. But now it is on trend again and everyone is doing it.


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