Woohoo i think I’ve got it

Spent a lot of time on this blog set up last night. Think it is getting there although there are things I will change as time goes on. I have seen really lovely stuff on the other blogs (although I haven’t commented on them as yet).  Looking forward to more posts to read because there are such interesting beginnings. More please. And I will post something that is actually about stitching. Promise. Before Sat


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I am Judi and I have been cutting and stitching fabric since I could thread a needle. First I dressed my dolls, then I sewed my own clothes

3 thoughts on “Woohoo i think I’ve got it”

  1. Just like cutting a pattern! Exciting to see you blog take shape. I used to sew a lot, so I’m looking forward to seeing your development here.


  2. Maybe blogging will take you back to sewing as it did me. Truly it was all the really interesting stuff I saw on blogs that made me take up the needle and thread again. It was something I didn’t want to admit to doing for a while but sewing has come out of the cupboard now and everyone is at it.


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